Waste Compactors - Transfer Stations

About the Service
In order to help keep Chaves County beautiful, the Roads Department is actively involved in waste management. The department currently maintains dumpsters at 5 locations throughout Chaves County. There is no charge to the public for this service.


  • Dumping on the ground or outside the dumpsters is not permitted.
  • Scavenging through the dumpsters is not permitted.
Acceptable Waste
Household type waste is the only acceptable waste. Waste must be able to fit into the dumpster.

Unacceptable Waste
  • Large appliances or furniture
  • Large yard waste (longer that 4 feet)
  • Commercial construction waste
  • Liquids (gas, oil, acid, or hazardous liquids)
  • Hazardous waste
  • Tires and batteries
  • Paint
  • Dead animals
  • Large bulky metal items
  • Hot smoldering loads
  • Tree limbs