What is "convenient" about VCCs?
VCCs are about voter choice. Traditional specific voting required voters to vote only at his or her assigned voting sites. VCCs provide voters the option of selecting from 15 sites and choosing one that is most convenient to their needs and schedule on Election Day.

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1. What is "convenient" about VCCs?
2. Will voting still be done on paper ballots?
3. What changes can I expect at the polling site on election day?
4. How will I know which ballot I will need to vote on?
5. Do I need to show identification when I vote?
6. Will I still have the option to vote absentee or early?
7. Absentee Voting
8. Early Voting
9. Will voting at a VCC increase the likelihood of being able to vote at more than one location?
10. Will sites be in compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA) of 1990?